For good memories & being able to relive the magical moments of your wedding, it is important not to choose a photographer or videographer blindly 🙈!!!

We didn’t know any photographers (if you do so that’s great!). After doing some research 💻 & reading reviews 🧐 of other brides & grooms, we decided to use the services of the company offered by the hotel.

Destination wedding photographer & videographer


You will have the choice of several packages 📄. The price 💲 often varies depending on the number of hours and the service chosen (photo and/or video) .

Companies will sell you popular packages. If these do not suit your needs, do not hesitate to check if they can accommodate you in another way.

You can also validate other brides & grooms’s comments on the services. After checking out our hotel’s bride & groom Facebook page, we noticed that there was a perfect package for us.

This one was more in our budget & suited us perfectly! The company didn’t promote it, but after we told them about it they gave it to us!

Our package included:

  • Photo service 📸 :
    • preparation before the ceremony
    • ceremony
    • couple’s pictures
    • reception
  • Video service 🎥 :
    • ceremony
    • reception

Choices & preferences ❓

We received paperwork to fill out 📝about our preferences for the types of photos & editing of our wedding video.

You can let them get creative, but if you have ideas in mind 💡 feel free to share them!!! If they can’t realize your vision, they will come up with a plan B.

Most importantly, make sure they capture the key moments of the wedding !

If you’re hesitant to take on the videographer service to save money, well think twice. Even though most guests these days have good cameras on their smart phones 🤳🏽, they’re only going to film parts of the wedding. You’re going to want a professional & well-shot wedding video. It’s one of the best ways to relive your big day.

We watch our wedding video every year 😍! So for us, it was a very good investment! 😊

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