You know when you buy an item for your home just because you think it’s beautiful and it doesn’t turn out to be practical 😕… well that was the case for some coasters I bought for the holidays.

coasters with deer head shape

I didn’t use them during the holiday season and as i was putting away Christmas items, i thought that i should find a new use for them ♻ !

So I had a few ideas 💡 but the best one in my opinion was to create a trivet for the service !

coasters tied together to form a trivet

Here’s how I did it 😊:

I first tried to glue the ends of the coasters together using strong glue and hot glue. Unfortunately, the material of the coasters prevented them from sticking together.

So I thought why not make small holes in the ends of the coasters and tie them together with a decorative string.

coasters tied together to form a trivet with ribbon and small scissors

So i started by identifying the location of the holes on the coasters. Using small scissor with a fine pointed tip, i pierced the coasters in the identified locations.

Afterwards, I chose the decorative ribbon and cut the necessary pieces to be able to tie each coaster together.

close-up image of the method used to attach the coasters

Final result

Final result coaster transformed into a trivet

Here you go ! Now I have a beautiful serving trivet for the holiday season ! 🤗🎄

Bottle Wipe GIF by weasrespruce
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