Do you have an old light fixture ? Are you thinking of getting rid of it? If so, wait before you do because it is possible to give some pieces a second life 😊 !

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So you guessed it, we had an old light fixture that we wanted to get rid of. However, I thought the shade on the light fixture was in good condition and of good quality with its frosted glass.


It was when I saw my mom’s fern in a plastic pot that I thought why not use it as a planter cover 💡 🤗 !

Once the bulb was removed and the light fixture was on the ground, here’s how I did it:

1. Carefully deconstructed the light fixture to free the shade.

2. Tested the compatibility of the plastic pot inside the shade.

3. Blocked the hole allowing the passage of the electrical wires. This can be done with a plastic cap or with a sealer of some kind. The goal being to prevent water or dirt from coming through the hole.

You can also leave the hole unplugged and simply place a planter saucer

Here is the result !

Plant in pot created with the lampshade

We got several compliments on this planter 🤗 We were even asked where we bought it 😂

Before and after lampshade becoming a planter cover
Before After

Here you go ! It’s up to you now be creative and possibly give a second life to old objects!

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