Some of your guests are not traveling with you? or are meeting for the first time? Why not organize a meet & greet 😄!

It is used among other things to:

  • the official meeting of the guests before the wedding; &
  • the reception of the guests by the bride & groom.
Welcome sign meet & greet

Our wedding package included a free cocktail hour on the day of the wedding. We asked our coordinator if we could use it for a meet & greet at the beginning of the week instead.

We thought that on the big day, guests would have the opportunity to take pictures, go to their room to freshen up or go to the different bars of the hotel while waiting for the reception.

It was a yes! The meet & greet took place the day after our arrival in Jamaica.

meet and greet location
The terrace overlooking the Caribbean Sea where the meet & greet took place ❤🏝

We brought a small bluetooth speaker to play music during the meet & greet.

There were appetizers and bar service. We gave our welcome speech 📜with a few clarifications/reminders about the wedding day.

As we had French & English speaking guests our speeches were translated.

We then distributed welcome gifts 🎁 ! We wanted to give our guests a little something to thank them for coming !

meet and greet gift bag
The gift bag with a note from the bride & groom

We chose a chic & simple gift bag and attached a little note 😊. Inside the bag was:

  • Small portable fan to brave the heat 🥵
  • Bottle of white rum – 200ml 🥃
  • Jerk sauce 5oz 🥫
  • Personalized T-shirt 👕
meet and greet gifts
The gift items

I can tell you that everyone enjoyed these little gifts 🥰!

*We had one kid in our group, so we did a special kids gift bag with fun items (toys, pool floats, candies…) plus a kids size perzonnalized t-shirt !

Local vendors 👩🏽👨🏾

Depending on your destination, I encourage you to check if there are local vendors for the desired gift items (especially for specialized products of the destination).

For the bottle of rum and the jerk sauce, we used the services of a local vendor : islandflavor gift & souvenir store.

Tips when considering a local vendor :

  • Look for reviews! I was able to find reviews from other brides & grooms who have used the store’s services on the site:
  • Does the boutique deliver to your location? In our case, the vendor came to our hotel to deliver the products we ordered. You can prepare a tip for the delivery !
  • What payment method does the vendor accept? The store accepted credit cards. However, we had problems with remote payment with our cards. We eventually had to make a payment via PayPal.
  • Check if your hotel offers similar products at the same price. It is possible to buy products at your hotel’s boutique. If they offer the same products at the same price, it may be less trouble for you to do business with them.

Group picture 📸

We ended the meet & greet with a group photo! All the guests were wearing the custom t-shirts. This photo is now printed and framed 🙂

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