Olive Balloons

Here’s how to make olive balloons that are a perfect touch for your Mad Men 1960 party decoration !

What you’ll need :

olive green balloon
Olive green color balloons *
white string or ribbon
White string or ribbon
red tissue paper
Red tissue paper
spray adhesive
Multi-purpose spray adhesive
small helium tank
Small helium tank **

*If you can’t find the perfect olive green color, you can insert a brown balloon inside a green neon balloon and inflate them up together

**You can also go to the store to inflate the balloons

How to do it :

1. Inflate the balloons with helium and add the white string or ribbon.

2. Cut circles of about 5 inches diameter with the red tissue paper sheets.

3. Spray one side of the circle with spray adhesive and glue it to the balloon. You can place the paper circles in different places on the balloons, as each olive is different 😉

4. Tie the balloons around a martini glass !

Anja Slibar party drink night neon GIF
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