Whether you live in a an apartment or in a house, it’s possible to live the movie theater experience at home !

I did the test while the theaters were closed due to the pandemic. Me and my family were eager to relive the movie theater experience, so i decided to turn my small apartment living room (as close as i could 😂) into a movie theater 🤩

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Who says movie theater says good seats ! We all have different furniture (sofa, chairs, benches…) or items (pillows, blankets, camping bags…) that we can use at home. You just have to use your imagination and try it out !

In my case, i used my sectional sofa. I was able to separate it into two rows :

Separate sectional sofa placed cinema style with cinema themed pillows

💡 To create the effect of the movie theater rows, I raised the back section of my sofa with wooden boards.

Materials used : 

Screen 📽🔲

If you have a projector and a projection screen this is a great time to use them!

Since I don’t own one, i decided to raise my TV by placing it on a higher piece of furniture. This made my TV look bigger and everyone could see the screen without being bothered by someone’s head 😂

If you go with this option, make sure the furniture you choose supports your TV.

Sound 🔈🔉🔊

Don’t have a home theater sound system, but want an immersive sound? Here’s a little trick 💡 I tried !

If you have a smart TV and a good bluetooth speaker, place your speaker high up on a furniture and connect it to your TV! After that, all you have to do is choose the volume level.

I tried it and i can tell you there is a big difference with the sound 😊!

Room atmosphere ✨🎭

With the addition of a few elements, it is possible to completely change the atmosphere of a room!

Here is what i chose for the movie theme 📽:

living room transformed into a movie theater

Garland light around the room: to hang it, i used Command small transparent hooks.

cinema decor with red curtains and light garland

Fake red curtains around the screen : for this, i bought a roll of red hollywood style carpet. I measured the needed length and cut the 3 pieces that i needed. Afterwards, i taped the pieces to the ceiling with a large size duct tape.

Decorative metallic foil curtains: I placed them behind the food concession table.

Food concession🍽

So here you can do as you please ! 😄

food table movie snacks, nachos, candy, popcorn, hot dog

My concession table had :

  • Hot dog 🌭
  • Nacho bar with homemade cheese sauce 🥘
  • Popcorn 🍿
  • Candy 🍬
  • Chocolates 🍫
  • Soft drinks 🥤

I also used thematic table items:

Sac popcorn cinéma
carton hot-dog
plateau carton nachos

Movie ticket (Optional) 🎟🎫

To make the experience more realistic, i created an e-ticket that i’ve sent by email to the guests !

DIY movie tickets
I used the e-ticket from my local movie theater as my inspiration with a few modifications!

Guests could also print their ticket and present it to you upon arrival. You could also print them out and give them to your guests as an invitation card 😄 !

That’s it! Hopefully this article has given you some ideas for creating your own movie theater at home 😊

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