Dear future bride & groom  ❣

Are you thinking about or have you decided to celebrate your union at destination?

Without a wedding planner it may seem impossible to organize 🤯 (especially for a large group), but with proper planning and the tips found in this article, you’ll get there 😃! 

Wedding destination ceremony location
Location of our wedding ceremony in Lucea, Jamaica 🏝

As you might have guessed, I planned my destination wedding 🏝 ! My husband and I had always dreamed of a Caribbean wedding by the sea 😍, but we were afraid it would be too complicated to organize for a large group (we estimated about 80+ pers 😱).

We finally trusted each other and it allowed us to have not only a dream wedding 🥰, but also a vacation with family & friends and unforgettable memories 📸!

wedding destination bride & groom

Why did we decide to do a destination wedding?

  • For us (the bride & groom) it was actually cheaper 💸 than having a wedding in our country.
  • Without looking bad 😏, it filters the guest list and you don’t end up with 300 people at your wedding, some of whom you are meeting for the first time 🙃
  • It allows you to have a vacation and time with your loved ones 🤩 which doesn’t happen often 📸
  • It was simply a dream of ours 🥰

I decided to share our experience with you along with tips and advice for planning your destination wedding! ❤✈

Before diving into the topic …

Here are some tips that helped me a lot and that I am sure will help you for the organization of your destination wedding:

Start your steps ahead of time 📅!

Destination wedding calendar

Depending on the type of wedding ceremony and the number of guests, organizing a destination wedding requires advance planning. We started 1 year before the date of the wedding.

Even if you decide to get married at destination (in an all-inclusive or not) it’s still a wedding, there are several reservations and purchases to be made and you are not the only future bride & groom!

Compare & research 🧐💻!

wedding destination research

This point is very important, don’t settle for the first proposal or option. There are SO many choices in the wedding and destination wedding market! There is something for every taste and price point!

Do your research and compare what’s on the market. This can even allow you to negotiate the prices and options that are proposed to you. This applies to wedding packages as much as to the decoration or the wedding dress!

Create a budget, calendar & tasks list 🗂📋 !

Wedding destination calendar, tasks and budget

I STRONGLY advise you to have a budget sheet because believe me the expenses 💰 add up very very fast!!!

To make sure you don’t forget anything and to respect your deadlines, create a calendar and a list of tasks to be completed. Use the software with which you are most familiar (Excel, Word…).

Don’t try to create documents that are too complicated, it should be simple and clear for you! There are many templates online to inspire you!

Asking or accepting help 🗣👥!


Don’t hesitate to ask or accept help from your loved ones.

Yes it is your wedding, but when you feel overwhelmed by the preparations or can’t make a decision…delegate 😊!


Having fun & taking breaks ⏱!

destination wedding couple having fun planning

It’s easy to feel any kind of emotion (positive or negative) during your wedding planning. If you feel exhausted, don’t be afraid to take a break!

You will make better decisions if you are in a good mood and in your right mind!

Have fun while planning your wedding 😃! Yes the main memories will be of the big day, but those of the preparations will also stay in your memory I guarantee!

Here is a list of the different topics I will cover in my article:

❤ Choosing the right destination 🌎 & the perfect location 💒

❤ Choosing the right type of ceremony & wedding package 📑

❤ Wedding invitation 💌 & guest correspondence 💻

❤ Destination wedding coordinator 📋🖊

❤ Organizing a Meet & Greet 🥂

❤ Wedding photographer & videographer 📸🎥

❤ The ceremony 💒

❤ The reception 🍽🎉

❤ Music 🎵 & entertainment ✨

❤ Other ideas for wedding items 🛍

❤ Essential Checklists 📋🖊

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