Here is a simple and original idea to embellish your vases and highlight your flowers: Insert fruits inside the vase ! They can be sliced, halved or whole !

In this article, I show you how I decorated flower vases with lemons for a summer event !

Flower vase decorated with a wall of lemons πŸ‹

What you will need 

  • 8-10 lemons (the number varies depending on the size of the vases)
  • 2 glass vases of the same height, but different widths so you can put the thinner vase in the larger vase. *If you don’t have a second thinner vase, you can use a plastic bottle cut off at the top.
  • A kitchen knife or mandolin
  • A cutting board
  • Flowers of your choice


1. Cut lemon slices with a kitchen knife or a mandolin. I prefer the mandolin, as all the slices will be of equal width !

*You can keep or remove the seeds from the slices

2. Insert the thinner vase (or a plastic bottle cut off at the top) into the larger vase. You should have a gap between the two vases for the lemon slices.

3. Build your lemon wall by inserting one lemon at a time. Use a long wooden skewer to adjust the placement of the lemons.

4. Pour a little water into the inner vase to stabilize it. Fill the main vase with water to the height of the lemon slices. Then add the water to the inner vase and place the flowers.

This decoration can be done with most citrus fruits and some other fruits 😊 let your creativity go !

Spinning Around Stop Motion GIF by Maze Visuals
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