Music is one of the most important elements to ensure a good time during the reception! Here are the options we had:

  1. Playing music on an iPod or other electronic device and connecting it to the sound system
  2. Use the service of a DJ at destination
  3. Have a live band
  4. Bring our DJ
Choice for music destination wedding reception
Our deliberation 🤔

We didn’t want to use an iPod or other player. We would have had to ask a guest to be responsible and found it unreliable.

We didn’t want to take a chance with the destination DJs. The feedback from the bride & groom was not very encouraging. The majority mentioned that the DJ did not take into account their choice of music and/or that they could not communicate properly with the DJ.

For the live bands, they were mostly playing reggae and we wanted diversity in the music. *This could be a good idea for the cocktail!

Our choice ✔

We offered to pay for the ticket of someone we know who is a DJ, in exchange for his services on the wedding day! We drafted a contract that was signed by both parties. (It is possible to find examples of service contracts online and adjust it to your needs!)

Tip 📣: If you don’t know the DJ, you can request a music demo to see if the style suits you.

Once the DJ is chosen

  1. Arrange a meeting (if possible) to sign the service contract ✍🏽
  2. Send a list of songs 📝you absolutely want for the ceremony, cocktail party (if DJ is present) & reception. *Ideally specify if the songs are associated with a specific time.
  3. Validate the equipment needed for your DJ.
    • Will he or she bring any equipment?
    • Validate the cost and availability of the sound system and other necessary equipment provided by the hotel.
    • Most importantly, validate the compatibility of the cables 🔌and electrical outlets 🔈 at destination with your DJ’s equipment!!! *Send pictures of the cables and plugs to your DJ so that he or she can validate if the equipment is compatible.

Tip 📣: Make sure your DJ is in top shape for your wedding day. He or she is also responsible for doing sound checks 🔉 once the system and cables are installed.

Plan B 

We made sure we had a plan B, in case our DJ had an emergency that prevented him from coming with us at destination. We had a compilation of our songs ready and asked someone in our group who was comfortable with electronics to take the DJ’s place. ALWAYS have a plan B!

Entertainment 🎇🎭

Entertainement for destination wedding

For us, it wasn’t essential (and not in our budget😂) to hire acrobats🤸🏽, fire breather 🔥 or others to entertain our guests.

There are, however, several options for a destination wedding entertainment. If you want to encourage local artists and offer a little extra to your guests, you might consider this option!

This can take place during the cocktail or the evening!

It’s up to you to choose according to your vision 💭 & your budget 💵!

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