There is a lot of choice when it comes to the destination for your wedding 🌎 👀!

There are many things to consider before making your decision :

Your budget for the trip & the wedding (check the currency of the destination, cost of living, cost of airfare…)

Length of vacation (consider travel time to your destination)

The desired climate & landscape (beach, forest, desert….)

Type of accommodation (Airbnb, hotel, all-inclusive …)

We had set our budget ($ max for the trip & that for the wedding), we had 1 week of vacation & we wanted an all-inclusive in the Caribbean! This information helped us greatly in choosing among the possible options for our destination

Travel agency or not ?

You have the choice of doing your own research & booking or consulting a travel agency ✈, specifically one that offers specialized services for destination weddings.

The ➕ to consult an agent specialized in destination wedding, they :

  • are responsible for research & reservations 💻;
  • know the majority of destinations 🗺, hotels and other locations 💒;
  • have contacts at destination 📞;
  • are responsible for following up on reservations and payments with guests, which is perfect for groups 😄!

Since we were a group of 70 people, we preferred to deal with a travel agency.

We compared agencies and chose the one with the service that suited us. It is important to choose an agent with whom it clicks, because you will be dealing with that person for several months!

Our wedding specialist asked us a few questions. With the information provided she offered us some destination & hotel options with approximate prices.

After listing the pros and cons of the possible choices 📝, we made our decision: Jamaica 🏝 !

Good to know 🙌🏽

Date & time of the wedding

As soon as the destination & location are chosen, the next step is to contact the people in charge at the destination (if you deal with an agency they will be responsible for the first contact).

If you have chosen the dates of your stay and especially the date of your wedding, the earlier you book the date and time (there are time slots) the better!

For our part, we chose a week that included a holiday (one less day off for our guests to take). We decided to celebrate our wedding on the fourth day of our stay, to allow all the guests to arrive and to make sure everything was in place.

Visit of the site

Hard to make decisions based on photos and videos?

Some hotels offer the possibility to do a site visit for free or for a reduced rate. Yes there’s still the airline ticket to pay, but it can be interesting if you’d like to visit the site before making a decision! Ask your agent or the hotel directly about this.

Cash back

Because of the number of passengers we were, our agent informed us that we had a cash back.

What is a cash back ? Well, it is an amount that can be deducted from the total price of your package (hotel & plane). This amount depends on the number of people booking with the agency.

We had the choice to apply the total amount on our tickets or to divide it among the passengers of our choice. It was a very nice surprise!

References: social networks

There are groups on social media created by brides & grooms who had a destination wedding. These groups are entirely dedicated to helping future brides & grooms who are planning their ceremony in the same place.

While searching for information online, I found a private Facebook page. It was created by a bride who had her wedding at the same hotel !

I can assure you it was a gold mine!!! Several brides were subscribed and everyone was sharing tips, tricks, prices….! I can’t say enough about how helpful the information on this group was to me!!!

Depending on the hotel or location, look for similar groups!

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