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How to pack your suitcase without forgetting anything ! 💼

It’s normal to be overwhelmed by the preparations before a trip. There’s a lot to do, like making sure you have a complete suitcase !

Auchan France travel trip case suitcase GIF

Packing is not supposed to be boring! To help you not forget anything, here’s my fun and slightly unusual method 😄 You know the head, shoulders, knees, toes song 🎵 ? Well i use that principle 😂

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How to plan your trip ✈

Traveling for many people including myself is an essential need ! Discovering new landscapes, new cultures and people brings us this excitement and joy that takes us out of our daily lives 😊.

There are all kinds of travelers, here are 5 types that I have personally been around 😅

  • the nonchalant : who will not prepare anything and leave the good progress of the trip in the hands of…destiny !
  • the over-prepared : who plan the smallest details and don’t deviate from their itinerary.
  • the followers : who will let you prepare and follow everything without saying anything.
  • the social media addicts: who travel only to feed their social media. And finally…
  • the balanced ones: they organize their trip, but are also able to deviate from their itinerary.

Everyone travels in their own way, but there are some important steps to follow when organizing your trip. This will allow you to get the most out of your trip and make the experience much more enjoyable and memorable.

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