Christmas snack: Grinch’s fruit skewers 🎄

Who said that holidays snacks can’t be delicious & healthy 😋!

Here’s an original fruit skewers idea that kids & adults will love 😉!

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Halloween bites: mini pumpkin cheese & red pesto 🎃

Looking for a cute and delicious bite-sized idea for Halloween 🎃? Here’s my recipe for mini pumpkin cheese and red pesto that was perfect for my pumpkin carving party!

Halloween bites: mini pumpkin cheese & red pesto 🎃
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Halloween Bites: Demonic Eyeballs 👁

Do you like prosciutto, bocconcini and olives? Looking for a Halloween bite-sized idea? These demonic eyeballs 👁 are delicious 😋 and easy to make!

Halloween Bites: Demonic Eyeballs
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How to Host a Pumpkin Carving Party 🔪🎃

When October 🍂 arrives one of the many activities I look forward to is pumpkin carving 🎃!

In my family we love this tradition! Every year we have a festive evening where everyone brings out their creative 👩🏽‍🎨 side in a spooky atmosphere👻!


The tradition of pumpkin carving originated in Ireland. The carving was not done on pumpkins, but rather on large turnips and potatoes! It was Irish immigrants who brought the tradition to America.

The goal was to have scary faces and place them in front of the house to scare away Stingy Jack* and other wandering evil spirits

*Irish tale

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Diabolicious Halloween Sangria🍷☠

This sangria is perfect for your Halloween festivities!

Serve it as the star cocktail for a Halloween party, horror movie night or pumpkin carving party.

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Roasted pumpkin seeds 🎃

Getting ready to carve pumpkins 🔪🎃? Don’t throw away the harvested seeds!

In just a few steps, you can turn them into a delicious, healthy Halloween snack 😋!

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Pumpkin spice waffles 🧇🎃

Ummm 😊 what could be better than a fall morning 🍂🍁 with the smell of pumpkin spiced waffles !

I tried the Dash brand waffle maker that gives a pumpkin shape 🎃 to your waffles 🧇!

Here is the recipe and the steps to follow :

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Key moments of a wedding that must be captured 📸❤

Here are the key moments of a wedding to capture in photo and/or video! :

Preparation before the ceremony

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Essential checklists for a destination wedding 📋✍🏽

I’m kindly sharing 😊 three checklists I created that helped me greatly with my destination wedding 🤗!

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Other ideas for wedding items 🥰🛍

Bride & groom t-shirts

This is the style of t-shirt we wore when we left for Jamaica! Instead of the last name, we had Bride & Groom written at the back of the shirts.

Chandails de mariés avec nom et année de mariage
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